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All donations go towards: Writers, Photographers, Videographers, Editors, Writing Interns, Subscriptions to Assist Seniors, Various JA Projects Connecting Generations Together.

Current projects

PROJECT: First ever documentary of the 150 years of Japanese American history here in America

From early immigration at the dawn of the Meiji era to the present-day efforts to protect the historic Japantown’s, the saga of the Nikkei community will be chronicled in a documentary film. The film, entitled Paper Chase -Japanese American History Through the Lens of Vernacular Newspapers, will coincide with the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Wakamatsu tea and silk colonists to the mainland United States and the first immigrants to Hawaii in1868.

Donations go towards: Producers, Directors, Video Interviews, Editing, Voice over talent, Researching, Various Archives, Public Screenings

PROJECT: Broken Branch

Researching the disconnect of Japanese Culture and how this pertains to today's younger generation of Japanese Americans who want to know how the erosion took place within their family tree.

Donations go towards: Hosting various group meetings with college aged individuals, video interviews, writers and editors.

PROJECT: Researching the rise of Japanese Culture in Plano, Texas.

The initiative will be to capture and share the stories of families who have moved from Southern California.

Donations go towards: Location funding for writers and photographers, Videographers, Editing, Additional writers


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