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Love + Japanese + Tradition

Writing the stories for future generations.

We help share inspiring memories about the japanese american culture.

Support completing this fantastic documentary about the Japanese American cultural journey.

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Imagine a place where…

Japanese immigration stories could last forever.

We could read stories about older generations.

Our children could learn about the lives of Issei, Nisei, Sansei, and Yonsei.

You could contribute to the Japanese American legacy.



The Zentoku Foundation was created to help grow and strengthen the Japanese American community by developing a convenient, user friendly, meaningful path for each generation to connect with one another. We will bring you amazing stories, news and events that enlighten our lives and the world we live in today.


Our Mission

To be valued as an organization focused on strengthening the Japanese American culture for future generations.

Our purpose

To educate and inspire the community by sharing a collection of stories and traditions of Japanese culture past and present.



What We Plan On Doing?

From stories left behind to stories that are newly uncovered, we want to pass these gems on to younger generations.

Why we do it?

Each day a piece of our history vanishes from us because it's too late to listen to the story or to learn from a life-long journey that enabled us to live the life that we have today.

when is the launch?

The Zentoku Foundation was just a thought two years ago; it was an idea created to document the past, current and future of our JA community. The concept launched in September 2018 which is this site. With continuing excitement and generated interest, phase two and three are underway. Contribute to making stories a reality and let's write about the Japanese American culture. Together.


HOW will your donations help?

This will include an array of activities to promote and educate our great purpose and mission.

  • Location funding for writers

  • Video and audio equipment

  • Awareness campaigning

  • Internships

  • Youth and teen development programs

  • Brand development

  • Interactive educational gaming

  • Support and assist older generations

  • Research: Local news, organizations, sports, educational, humor, sympathy, revelation, religion

  • And much more!


Zentoku translates in English to mean virtue.

Virtue in the English dictionary is described as "doing the right thing."


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Honored recipients of the Aratani Care Award.

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Proud to support Zentoku in their inaugural year... as So-Phis continues its efforts to “hope, dream, and inspire.”


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